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The concept for Null Paradox 2nd upcoming book and accompanying music contained within Victoria & Seth is about their relationship.  There’s a series of Storytimes here that share the background of both characters as well as how Victoria interacts, trusts, and sometimes doesn’t trust Annabelle, her confidant.

As with the book and music for Gertrude & Grace, each chapter in the book Victoria & Seth corresponds with a song.  The songs share additional details from the upcoming book.  And since we’re releasing the music ahead of the book, each song is intended to give a more intimate look into the characters’ lives than what we’ve shared in our Storytimes.

But there’s another level of storytelling contained within Victoria & Seth based on the idea that there are stages of loss within the scope of grief and grieving.

In 2004 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler wrote a book called On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss.  It’s a good book but it doesn’t go quite far enough for Victoria.  Instead, she discovers that she experienced 10 stages of grieving of which the songs Denial, Anger, and Bargain are the first 3.  These songs are also the first 3 stages written about by Kübler-Ross and Kessler.

Bargain tells the very human story of trying to break the cycle of addiction when love has gone very wrong.  Being strong.  Backsliding.  Then starting again.

But with every cycle, Victoria takes a step forward.

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Lyrics for Bargain

Artists on Null Paradox | Bargain

Vocals (Victoria)~Analise Rios
Guitars~Kyle Marker
Bass, keyboards, guitars~Tom Libertiny
Drums~Bryan Reilly

Produced by Tom Libertiny
Music by Tom Libertiny
Lyrics by Tom Libertiny and Caroline Six
Drums and guitars recorded by Jake Shives, Tempermill Studios
Vocals and acoustic guitar recorded by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios
Bass, keyboards, and guitars recorded by Tom Libertiny, LPP Studios
Mixed by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios
Mastered by Sangwook “Sunny” Nam, Jacob’s Well Mastering

Cover model~Analise Rios
Illustration~Ana Cruz
Photography~Tom Libertiny
Costume~AJ Martina
Key HMUA~Charlee HM
Assistant hair and makeup~Tracy Noe, Adam Hynes, Ashley Roos


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