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Victoria is mad.  Obviously at Seth.  Which is who our song Denial is primarily directed toward.  But she’s also mad with Annabelle, her confidant.

As she was leaving her late-night-meeting with Annabelle, she heard something in the park.  So she waited to ensure that Annabelle was safe.

To her horror, The Bully was closing in on Annabelle.  But just before she could get within ear-shot of Annabelle to shout a warning, she witnessed something remarkable.  Annabelle was talking with The Bully.

What in the hell is going on?  Am I being betrayed?  In her state with Seth, I think we can all forgive her for going there.

Which brings us back to Denial.  There’s a lot going on in Victoria’s life and Denial’s lyrics help start us down the path to her story.

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Behind-the-Scenes Video

Lyrics for Denial

Artists on Denial

Vocals (Victoria)~Analise Rios
Guitars~Chris Mick
Bass, keyboards, guitars~Tom Libertiny
Guitars~Jason Groves
Drums~Bryan Reilly

Produced by Tom Libertiny
Written by Tom Libertiny, Analise Rios, Kathryn Williams, Daniel Frazer
Recorded by Jake Shives, Tempermill Studios
Mixed by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios
Mastered by Sangwook “Sunny” Nam, Jacob’s Well Mastering

Cover model~Analise Rios
Illustration~Ana Cruz
Photography~Tom Libertiny
Costume~AJ Martina
Key HMUA~Charlee HM
Assistant hair and makeup~Tracy Noe, Adam Hynes, Ashley Roos

Video Capture~Jason Teets and Tom Libertiny
Editing~Tom Libertiny

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