Victoria, The Bully, Grace Analise Rios, Eric Scott Baker, Maddie Pfeiffer Photography by Tom Libertiny

Null Paradox | Photoshoot

Photoshoot on 2018 March 3 in Michigan. Tom Libertiny~Director, photograper Betty Riggs~Assistant Director AJ Martina~Costume Charlee HM~Key HMUA Tracy Noe~Assistant hair and makeup Adam Hynes~Assistant hair and makeup Ashley Roos~Assistant hair and makeup

Gertrude Lauren Zoeller Photography by Tom Libertiny

Interview | Lauren Zoeller

We first met Lauren Zoeller in Detroit during our auditions for the parts of Gertrude and Grace. Dave Ziozios (drums), Eric Scott Baker (The Bully), and Tom Libertiny (writer) immediately agreed that she was the one to play Gertrude. She clearly embodied everything that was Gertrude as both an actor and singer. More importantly, she…

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Victoria & Seth | Music

During our upcoming event on March 3 in Michigan, we’ll debut¬†Denial, which is the first song from Victoria & Seth,¬† our 3rd music album (working title was G3).¬† The album will be a matching set with our new book¬†Victoria & Seth, both of which will be available this year.¬† Similar to Gertrude & Grace (book…

Grace Maddie Pfeiffer Illustration by Ana Cruz

Interview | Maddie Pfeiffer

January and February 2018 have been amazing. We‚Äôre fortunate to have a talented team of artists as both performers and crew continue to grow with us (more about our team soon). And, we‚Äôve invited several talented artists to join our family. The character of Grace has been challenging to cast. She‚Äôs bigger-than-life, vulnerable, and gritty.…

Victoria Analise Rios Illustration by Ana Cruz

Interview | Analise Rios

This is the story of a highly unlikely, yet very fortunate meeting. Analise Rios is an actor and singer from New York who we first met during the auditions that Betty Riggs, Lauren Zoeller, and Tom Libertiny held in Nashville for Null Paradox. What became immediately apparent as soon as Analise started singing: she‚Äôs someone…

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Introducing Our Cast and Crew

A lot of work has been going on behind our collective curtain.¬† Complete re-writes of our script.¬† New music.¬† Publishing of our second book (happening later this year).¬† Inspired work on our live show. So, let’s start with the amazing artists who are part of our live show.¬† During the next few weeks we’ll post…

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Join us for an evening of fun! Null Pardox | Unplugged Interactive Steampunk Music Saturday, 2018 March 3 Doors 6:30pm Free Haute Is 31330 Northwestern Highway, Suite C Farmington Hills, Michigan Highlights Meet Gertrude, Grace, Victoria & The Bully from Null Paradox Live, unplugged performances by Null Paradox Music selections & ambiance by Royal-T Hors…

Null Paradox script by Tom Libertiny Edited by Kathryn Williams

Null Paradox Live | Script 6

Ninety-two pages.¬† Every line scrutinized.¬† With minor tweaks, major revisions, wholesale discarding, and completely new scenes added.¬† That’s where Revision 6 of our live performance script stands today.¬† And now we’re ready to look at the big picture of Gertrude & Grace’s story.¬† Revision 7 is on the horizon. What’s changed? For one thing:¬† the…