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Null Paradox | Seth

Who is Seth?

In our first book, Gertrude & Grace, we introduced him as someone who is:

  • Shy
  • Prefers to stay in the background
  • Smart
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Resourceful
  • Driven by his agenda. Several of them


While Gertrude and Grace have been best friends for a long time, they have their heated moments. Usually about two things: Gertrude’s diminishing ability to speak her mind with anyone, particularly with Grace. And Grace’s occasional raging jealousy about anyone who comes close to Seth.

In Gertrude & Grace, Grace almost kills a girl at one of Seth’s parties for seemingly getting too close to him.

Yes, something is going on between Grace and SethGrace wants a lot more, but Seth’s motivations run on several levels with her. One is on the romantic level. But he’s also interested in how Grace and Gertrude work together as friends as well as discovering what it is that’s so special about them.

Are they the chosen twins that The Cranks hope for and The Ministry fears? Or are they just another set of close friends, like so many that have come before them?


Null Paradox | Victoria & Seth

This is where it starts to get complicated. Seth and Victoria have been in love since the day they met, which precedes Seth having met either Gertrude or Grace.

Then one day, Victoria ghosts him. Not surprisingly, he’s less than happy. Having seemingly lost her, he focuses on why he lost her and who is the culprit. Which in his mind has a clear connection to the loss of Grace.

While he pursues his primary agenda of learning about Gertrude and Grace, he tasks The Bully to learn everything possible about Victoria.


Seth Zero

Like most Null Paradox characters, Seth lives in the same multiverse as VictoriaGertrudeGrace, and The Bully.

Physicists describe the multiverse as an object that contains all possible universes. At its core, the Null Paradox multiverse is the same, but how we navigate the infinite permutations of each universe within the multiverse is different.

In Null Paradox, the characters perceive life as a series of tiny hops from one universe to another stitched together to create the life they experience. This is facilitated by a machine briefly described in the first book (Gertrude & Grace), which plays a more significant role in the upcoming second book (Victoria & Seth).

To keep things understandable, the primary Seth is Seth Zero.

There are infinite versions of Seth, including Seth One.

While the essence of Seth remains the same, there are significant variabilities in his relationships and actions. 

And if you linearly aligned his timelines, Seth One experienced things before Seth Zero. But unlike VictoriaSeth suspects the nature of the Null Paradox multiverse and wonders if there’s a way to communicate between the universes. This, again, brings us to a future story about The Bully.

Null Paradox Seth One

Seth One
Actor, Model | Darius M. Thompson
Concept, Photography, AI Prompt Engineer | Tom Libertiny
Image | MidJourney AI


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