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Null Paradox. Despair

Victoria & Seth Music

Null Paradox Music Null Paradox has been described as Evanescence meets Cirque du Soleil–all with a Steampunk twist. Victoria & Seth The volatile relationship between Victoria & Seth, shown in the 10 stages of grief. The music and lyrics are based on the upcoming book Victoria & Seth~a journey through the grieving process that’s inspired…

Null Paradox Seth One

Null Paradox | Storytime | Seth

Null Paradox | Seth Who is Seth? In our first book, Gertrude & Grace, we introduced him as someone who is: Shy Prefers to stay in the background Smart Calm Confident Resourceful Driven by his agenda. Several of them   While Gertrude and Grace have been best friends for a long time, they have their heated moments. Usually about two things: Gertrude’s diminishing…

Null Paradox | Victoria One

Null Paradox | Storytime | Victoria

Null Paradox | Victoria The concept for Victoria & Seth, the second book and third music album in the Null Paradox steampunk multiverse, is about the character’s sometimes serene, sometimes tumultuous relationship. A series of Storytimes shares the background of both characters. As with the first book and music album, Gertrude & Grace, each chapter in the upcoming…