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Null Paradox Music

Null Paradox has been described as Evanescence meets Cirque du Soleil–all with a Steampunk twist.

Victoria & Seth

The volatile relationship between Victoria & Seth, shown in the 10 stages of grief.

The music and lyrics are based on the upcoming book Victoria & Seth~a journey through the grieving process that’s inspired by the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler.



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Vocals (Victoria)~Analise Rios
Guitars~Chris Mick (Denial)
Keyboards, organ, synth~Dan Moore (Despair)
Bass, keyboards, guitars, tambourine~Tom Libertiny
Guitars~Stuart McCallum (Despair)
Guitars~Bryan Reilly (Anger)
Guitars~Jason Groves (Denial)
Guitars~Kyle Marker (Bargain)
Drums~Bryan Reilly (Anger, Denial, Bargain)
Drums~John “JR” Robinson (Despair)

Orchestrator and conductor~Drew Morgan (Despair)
Clarinet~David Pagett (Despair)
Flute~Eliza Marshall (Despair)
Oboe~Imogen Triner (Despair)
Violin~David Grubb (Despair)
Violin~Declan Daly (Despair)
Violin~Hugh Blogg (Despair)
Violin~Joanne Green (Despair)
Violin~Marian Givens (Despair)
Violin~Paul Barrett (Despair)
Viola~Carl Hill (Despair)
Viola~Fran Higgs (Despair)
Viola~George White (Despair)
‘cello~Harriet Wiltshire (Despair)
‘cello~Juliet McCarthy (Despair)
‘cello~Miriam Wakeling (Despair)


Produced by Tom Libertiny
Music by Tom Libertiny
Lyrics by Tom Libertiny, Analise Rios (Denial, Anger), Wilted August (Bargain, Despair), Kathryn Williams (Denial), Daniel Frazer (Denial)


Vocals recorded by Jake Shives, Tempermill Studios (Denial)
Vocals recorded by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios (Anger, Bargain)
Vocals recorded by Andrew Krivonos, Brewery Recording Studio (Despair)
Guitars, acoustic guitar, tambourine recorded by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios (Anger, Denial, Bargain)
Orchestra recorded by Patrick Phillips, St. George’s Hall (Despair)
Drums and guitars recorded by Jake Shives, Tempermill Studios (Anger, Denial, Bargain)

Mixed by Jason Groves, Sneak Attack Studios (Anger, Denial, Bargain)
Mixed by Patrick Phillips, Space in Time Studio A (Despair)
Mastered by Sangwook “Sunny” Nam, Jacob’s Well Mastering


Cover models~Analise Rios and Darius M. Thompson
Photography~Tom Libertiny
Illustration~Ana Cruz
Costume~AJ Martina
Key HMUA~Charlee HM
Assistant hair and makeup~Tracy Noe, Adam Hynes, Ashley Roos

Null Paradox Victoria & Seth

Null Paradox~Victoria & Seth

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