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Null Paradox | Bargain

Bargain | Music | Video

The concept for our 2nd upcoming book and accompanying music contained within Victoria & Seth is about their relationship.  There’s a series of Storytimes here that share the background of both characters as well as how Victoria interacts, trusts, and sometimes doesn’t trust Annabelle, her confidant. As with the book and music for Gertrude &…

Gertrude Lauren Zoeller Photography by Tom Libertiny

Storytime | Fun and Games

Continuing from our last story about Grace:  Gertrude is complicated. Fun and Games Inquisitive.  Introverted.  Autistic. She’s high functioning to the point that when Grace learns the news about her friend she doesn’t believe it.  She blames their friendship difficulties on Gertrude just being a straightforward pain-in-the-ass. Even The Bully isn’t buying it.  After all,…

Null Paradox | Anger

Anger | Music | Video

Ever been in one of Those relationships?  The love is amazing.  But the fights are destructive. Victoria’s relationship with Seth is just that.  During Denial, she couldn’t imagine being without Seth.  But during a particularly explosive fight, an itch started in the back of her mind.  And it won’t go away. Who is Seth and what…