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Null Paradox | 6 Steps for Personal Growth

Personal Growth~Blending Introspection and Existential Contemplation

Gertrude’s path to personal growth has been and continues to be long. But a lot has changed.


When I first met Gertrude, she was a lost soul. Her growth is due in part to our often contentious engagements.  ~The Bully


But what started as her stumbling around, quite literally in some cases, has changed to a discovery process of who she is.


In the deepest hour of the night

I’m all alone, thoughts taking flight

Emotions flow like a river’s tide

Lost in a world I cannot hide

~From Gertrude’s song Deepest Hour

The key is to embrace the journey.


What You Can Do

While the journey, or process, can be challenging for me to explain and for you to continue, I’ve decided to share the unique journey of Gertrude. Her experiences and the lessons she learned can serve as a guide for your own self-improvement journey.

  1. Self-Reflection and Awareness~ Many people feign self-awareness to the point that you people can drive me to near madness, it’s remains a journey worth taking.  Self-reflection is a deep dive into the soul’s recesses, like exploring the corridors of a vast, unknown castle. It’s about being ready to face unsettling truths and existential uncertainties.  Gertrude, for instance, found solace in writing. If you haven’t tried it, the act of writing, particularly in the form of a diary, can help you unravel the enigmatic nature of your existence. Each entry is a step closer to understanding the self that dwells in shadow and light.
  2. Set Clear, Achievable Goals~ By my nature, I’m ambitious.  But on this journey, now is not the time to reach for the stars~not yet.  Goals are often elusive, shifting like the sands of an hourglass. It’s crucial to define them clearly yet remain aware of the absurdity that life may throw in your path.  The pursuit of these goals may feel like an endless trial.  Embrace the struggle, for it is within this relentless pursuit that one finds meaning.
  3. Commit to Continuous Learning~ Learning is an eternal metamorphosis.  Embrace each new piece of knowledge as a catalyst for profound change.  The world is a vast, often bewildering text. Read widely, not just books, but the unspoken language of dreams, the silent poetry of the night, and the cryptic messages hidden within your everyday encounters.
  4. Develop and Maintain Positive Habits~ Positive habits are the rituals that ground us in a chaotic world. They are the repetitive actions that, like the beat of a metronome, bring a semblance of order to your life.  Yet, be wary of becoming a prisoner to routine, as habits can transform into the very chains that bind you. Strive for balance, allowing for both structure and spontaneity.
  5. Build Resilience and Adaptability~ Resilience is forged in the crucible of adversity. It’s the ability to endure your life’s trials. Adaptability requires you to embrace the absurdity of existence, to bend like a reed in the wind, finding strength in flexibility and survival in transformation.
  6. Seek Feedback and Embrace Change~ Feedback is a mirror held up to your soul, reflecting your virtues and flaws. Seek it from those who can see beyond the surface and penetrate the layers of your being.  Embrace change as the essence of life itself. It’s through change that you can escape the prison of stagnation, evolving continuously in a dance with the unknown. Face the inevitability of transformation with a stoic heart and an open mind.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again~Most importantly, be patient with yourself.


Null Paradox is For You.

Or, more succinctly,  I’m for you.

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