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Null Paradox Seth One

Null Paradox | Storytime | Seth

Null Paradox | Seth Who is Seth? In our first book, Gertrude & Grace, we introduced him as someone who is: Shy Prefers to stay in the background Smart Calm Confident Resourceful Driven by his agenda. Several of them   While Gertrude and Grace have been best friends for a long time, they have their heated moments. Usually about two things: Gertrude’s diminishing…

Null Paradox | Victoria One

Null Paradox | Storytime | Victoria

Null Paradox | Victoria The concept for Victoria & Seth, the second book and third music album in the Null Paradox steampunk multiverse, is about the character’s sometimes serene, sometimes tumultuous relationship. A series of Storytimes shares the background of both characters. As with the first book and music album, Gertrude & Grace, each chapter in the upcoming…

Gertrude Lauren Zoeller Photography by Tom Libertiny

Null Paradox | Storytime | Fun and Games

Continuing from our last story about Null Paradox Grace:  Gertrude is complicated. Null Paradox | Fun and Games Inquisitive.  Introverted.  Autistic. She’s high functioning to the point that when Grace learns the news about her friend she doesn’t believe it.  She blames their friendship difficulties on Gertrude just being a straightforward pain-in-the-ass. Even The Bully…