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Null Paradox | Storytime | Fun and Games

Continuing from our last story about Null Paradox Grace:  Gertrude is complicated.

Null Paradox | Fun and Games

Inquisitive.  Introverted.  Autistic.

She’s high functioning to the point that when Grace learns the news about her friend she doesn’t believe it.  She blames their friendship difficulties on Gertrude just being a straightforward pain-in-the-ass.

Even The Bully isn’t buying it.  After all, much of Gertrude’s behavior manifests itself after The Accident that involved Victoria.  Cause and effect don’t seem to be in the right linear order for him to accept the diagnosis.

But as the story of Gertrude & Grace unfolds, there are signs everywhere.  To paraphrase Dr. Temple Grandin:  Most of the scientists and engineers I know are on the autism spectrum.  And if nothing else, Gertrude is most certainly becoming a scientist.

From Gertrude’s perspective, she is who she is.  More importantly:  she’s evolving and as she evolves, she starts to become more comfortable with herself.

All the while, Apple and Adel suspect that autism may signal that a person is evolving into something more.  But they keep their research and viewpoints to themselves.  For now.

There is one thing that both Gertrude and Grace begin to understand:  don’t mess with inquisitive introvert whose brain is on the autistic spectrum.  Because Gertrude’s idea of “fun” becomes…complicated.

Even if it’s just one of Seth’s weekly card games.

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