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A trilogy of steampunk music albums~

Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Gothic rock meets Progressive rock telling the story of two Blood Sisters; one with a damaged soul and the other who contains the light of life, face the ultimate question. Gertrude and Grace must make a choice: will they choose Love or their Destiny?  Their lives depend on their decision and so does their world’s.

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Love or Destiny
Gertrude & Grace

Artists on Love or Destiny

Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Co-Lead vocals (Gertrude)~Lauren Zoeller
Co-Lead vocals (Grace)~Heather Parrish
Guitars~Chris Mick
Guitars~Mark Baldwin
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Synths & percussion~John “JR” Robinson
Bass, piano, synths, guitars~Tom Libertiny
Produced by John “JR” Robinson
Concept by Tom Libertiny
Mixed by Steve Sykes
Mastered by Sangwook “Sunny” Nam
First Engineer~Dave Hagen, Dark Horse Recording
Second Engineers~Jim Taylor and Ali K-reza, Dark Horse Recording
Engineer for Chris Mick’s guitars and Tom Libertiny’s piano and keyboards~Erik Maluchnik, Tempermill Studio
Drum Technician~Larry Crowe
Charts~Boh Cooper
Illustrations and CD layout by Ana Cruz


Artists on Gertrude & Grace

Null Paradox Gertrude and Grace

Null Paradox Gertrude & Grace

Lead vocals~Robyn Christine
Backing vocals~Rachel Matz
Lead guitar~Chris Mick
Keyboards~Eric Prater
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass, keyboards, guitars~Tom Libertiny
Keyboards and guitars~Patrick Phillips
Guitars~Jake Rye
Trumpet~Mark Byerly


Concept, music and lyrics by Tom Libertiny
Produced by Patrick Phillips and Tom Libertiny at Real World Studios, England.
Engineered and mixed by Patrick Phillips
Mastered by Tim Oliver
Illustrations, art and CD layout by Ana Cruz
Photography by Dave Lamarand
Hair and makeup by Sara Landis
Wardrobe consulting by Hieu Hart

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