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Null Paradox | 7 Steps to not being Misunderstood


You know, I have high hopes for Annabelle. She’s trying to understand herself. I applaud her for that.

But, and there’s always a “but” with me, it’s not that complicated. Time-consuming, yes. But is it complicated?



About You 

Years ago, the term Complexification was coined to describe making something unnecessarily complex. And that’s what Annabelle is doing now.

“Some say I’m quirky, some say insane. Some say they understand me; it’s my campaign.” ~Annabelle

I get it. Many of us do. But here it is~being misunderstood can be unsettling. It can even affect your self-esteem and relationships.

Good news~ She’s taken the first step toward being understood~Clarifying Your Own Thoughts.


While it does drive me crazy, I’m going to explain all the steps so that Annabelle can finally move past this stage.

But are you questioning yourself? Good, because you should.


  1. Reflect and Clarify Your Own Thoughts~ Before you can expect others to understand you, you must clearly grasp your thoughts and feelings. Spend time reflecting on what you genuinely think and feel about the situation. Writing down your thoughts can be particularly helpful as it forces you to slow down and consider each word carefully, helping you to organize and clarify your thoughts. Annabelle has made it this far. Have you?
  2. Communicate Clearly and Effectively~ Choose your words carefully, focusing on being straightforward and specific. Avoid using vague or ambiguous language, and stay on topic to keep the message clear. It’s also essential to adapt your communication style to your audience. Some people may need more background information or prefer visual aids to understand complex ideas fully. Annabelle has partial success in this area by choosing a song to communicate about herself, but she can be lyrically obtuse. While that does lend a sense of mystery, is it beneficial?
  3. Practice Active Listening~ Active listening involves fully concentrating on what is being said rather than passively hearing the message. This means listening to understand, not to respond. You foster a more open and honest dialogue by showing that you value the other person’s perspective. When it’s your turn to respond, reflect on what you’ve heard and ask clarifying questions if necessary. Ironically, Annabelle is an expert at this. It may not seem so to the casual observer. But while you’re casually observing her at one of Seth’s parties, she’s paying very close attention to what you say and do. It’s part of her nature and why Seth is paying her.
  4. Ask for Feedback~ Sometimes, being misunderstood stems from how your message is delivered rather than the content itself. Asking for feedback on your communication can provide critical insights into how others perceive your words and actions. Be open to constructive criticism and use it as a learning tool to improve your interactions. This is a tricky one. On the surface, most people, including you, would do well to adopt this step. But Annabelle is playing a multi-level card game, so I appreciate her intentionally limited use of this method. With that said, you should fully embrace it. If it works for dirigible pilots, it will work for you.
  5. Address Misunderstanding Immediately~ When you realize a misunderstanding, address it immediately. Ignoring it can lead to resentment or further confusion. Approach the situation calmly and assertively without placing blame. Use “I” statements to express how the misunderstanding made you feel and restate your original intention or message. That’s the politically correct version. For the record, I always place blame. But you do you.
  6. Cultivate Empathy~ Understanding others’ viewpoints and emotional states can significantly reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings. Empathy allows you to see beyond your perspective and consider how others might interpret your words or actions. This can be particularly important in emotionally charged situations where misunderstandings are more likely. Due to her personality and position as a trusted associate of Seth’s, Annabelle excels at this.
  7. Be Patient and Persistent ~ Overcoming misunderstandings often requires patience and persistence, especially in relationships where communication patterns have been established over time. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Instead, view each interaction as an opportunity to refine your communication skills. If you’ve successfully made it this far, this is where you’re failing. Redouble your efforts.


If anything checks off a box, it’s time for you to begin.



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