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Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Love or Destiny | I May Be Over You

You know that feeling when you’ve had enough of someone?  This is the story behind our song I May Be Over You, written by Tom Libertiny and Robyn Christine. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England.  Patrick Phillips, our engineer, was busy mixing and tweaking one of…

Interview | WXYZ TV

CANTON TWP. Mich (WXYZ) – How would you like to decide the ending of a Rock Opera? Now’s your chance at a one-day-only event. Null Paradox is holding an Interactive Rock Opera Saturday May 16th, 8pm at the Village Theater in Canton. The group will perform “Gertrude and Grace,” based on the steampunk book of…

Null Paradox Gertrude and Grace

Gertrude & Grace CD and Downloads Available!

Our music album Gertrude & Grace is now available on CD and downloadable songs! You’re invited to join us at our upcoming live event at the Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, Michigan, USA on February 11. For more music, book, videos and photographs,  you’re invited to join our E-mail List. Lead vocals~Robyn Christine Backing vocals~ Rachel Matz Guitars~Chris…

Real World Studios "The Big Room," England with Null Paradox. Photography by Tom Libertiny.

Recording in England and the U.S. | Part 1

In response to your many questions, here’s the behind-scenes story of the place, people, process, equipment and how you too can record your own world-class album.  For our album Gertrude & Grace we used a hybrid recording process based in Detroit and at Real World Studios in England. Full disclosure:  In this series of articles, we’ll…

SSL Console at Real World Studios with Null Paradox. Photography by Tom Libertiny.

Recording at Real World | Mixing and Mastering

One of the many benefits of having multiple studios onsite at Real World is the high speed at which we can compare original mixes to the mastered versions of the mix while the song remains fresh in our minds.  Patrick Phillips and Tom Libertiny take a lot of notes while we’re listening back to a draft master and we’re able to quickly…

Bath Bridge England with Null Paradox. Photography by Tom Libertiny.

Bath | England

Real World Studios is located just 20 minutes east of the ancient Roman city of Bath, England.  We took some time off to visit while Patrick Phillips was working on edits at Real World Studios.  Check out Patricks’ new Twitter @PatrickCPhillip For more photos and videos, click HERE.