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CANTON TWP. Mich (WXYZ) – How would you like to decide the ending of a Rock Opera? Now’s your chance at a one-day-only event. Null Paradox is holding an Interactive Rock Opera Saturday May 16th, 8pm at the Village Theater in Canton.

The group will perform “Gertrude and Grace,” based on the steampunk book of the same name by Detroit native Tom Libertiny and Rachel Koontz (his co-author from California).

The show can end one of two ways, and audiences will get to choose the ending.

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The story focuses on Gertrude and Grace, Two sisters who’s relationship is crumbling. They must choose between their destiny or their love for one another. The show features many opportunities for the audience to interact with the cast. But Null Paradox says the biggest role for patrons is to choose “destiny” or “love” as the end for Gertrude and Grace.

The Village Theater is located at 50400 Cherry Hill Road in Canton, Michigan.

Members of the cast and crew include 10 actors, musicians, and circus performers
from Metro Detroit, Nashville, Lexington (Kentucky), Indianapolis, and London (England).

Saturday’s show will be the launch of the group’s 2015 tour and will also debut 9 new songs from their upcoming CD. Null Paradox says, “If you love rock music and live theater, this is the best of both worlds.”

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