Real World Studios "The Big Room," England with Null Paradox. Photography by Tom Libertiny.

Recording in England and the U.S. | Part 1

In response to your many questions, here’s the behind-scenes story of the place, people, process, equipment and how you too can record your own world-class album.  For our album Gertrude & Grace we used a hybrid recording process based in Detroit and at Real World Studios in England.

Full disclosure:  In this series of articles, we’ll be discussing Real World Studios, Sweetwater Music Instruments & Pro Audio and The Travel Exchange frequently.  We’re not receiving any financial compensation for doing so.  We simply believe that our friends at Real World, including Patrick Phillips, Tim Oliver, and Lisa Murton; Brendan Murphy at Sweetwater; and Debbie Porchiran at The Travel Exchange have been critical people in the adventure and success of our album.  We highly recommend that you work with them too, so here’s their contact information:


Part 1~Place

A video is worth 10^3 words.
Video~Null Paradox at Real World Studios, Box, England.
Song~Black & White by Null Paradox from our upcoming album Gertrude & Grace.
Video by~Tom Libertiny
For more video and photographs, click HERE.

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