Null Paradox Live | Gertrude & Grace. Photo by Dave Lamarand

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Null Paradox’s Saturday shows could end one of two ways, and it will be up to the audience to decide.

The group will perform two interactive shows of Gertrude and Grace at the Lexington Village Theatre, 7318 Huron Ave.

It is based on a fiction book the group’s bass player, Tom Libertiny, co-authored. The performance has been in the works for five years, Libertiny said.

Null Paradox Live | Gertrude & Grace. Photo by Dave Lamarand

Null Paradox Live | Gertrude & Grace.
Photo by Dave Lamarand

Saturday’s shows will be the group’s launch of its tour.

“If you really love rock music and live theater, this is the best of both worlds,” Libertiny said.

The story is about two girls who have grown up together, but their relationship is crumbling. They must decide if they want to go after their passions, which will lead them away from each other, or fix their relationship, he said.

“Each song on the CD is one chapter of the book, and it’s brought to life,” Libertiny said.

This is the first part of the story’s trilogy, so expect more from the group down the road, he said.

He said he has found descriptions vary when people try to explain the group’s sound.

“I have found people comparing us to Evanescence meets the circus,” Libertiny said, noting he’s also had other people compare them to Janis Joplin.

Although the show features many opportunities for audience interactions, deciding the ending is the biggest role the audience will have.

“If you have to pick between the love of your life or the one thing you believe your mission in life is, which would you choose?” Libertiny said. “The audience will vote, and depending how they vote, we’ll do that ending.”

Tickets are $15, $20 and $25. They are available online at or by calling (810) 359-5108. For more information about Null Paradox, visit


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