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Interview | Caroline Six

Instagram Suggestions~If you like Jack Daniel’s then you’ll like Southern Comfort. If you like John Deere riding lawn mowers then you’ll like Fusenmach. If you like the Ford GT then you’ll like the Acura NSX.  All of it nonsense. But, every once in a while, a happy accident happens~the huge group of Instagram gnomes diligently…

Null Paradox Love or Destiny

Love or Destiny | I May Be Over You

You know that feeling when you’ve had enough of someone?  This is the story behind our song I May Be Over You, written by Tom Libertiny and Robyn Christine. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England.  Patrick Phillips, our engineer, was busy mixing and tweaking one of…

Robyn Christine, with Null Paradox Live at the Lexington Village Theatre. Photo by Jeff Riehl. Hair & MUA by Brandie Brancheau.


As Null Paradox continues to evolve and grow, we’re reminded about how fortunate we are and have been to work with a group of talented artists from a variety of fields. All of us in Null Paradox have personally faced the Love or Destiny question that we posed as the premise for our entire project: …

Null Paradox Live at the Lexington Village Theatre. Eric Prater, Chris Mick, Robyn Christine, Dave Ziozios, Rachel Matz, Tom Libertiny. Photo by Jeff Riehl. Hair & MUA by Brandie Brancheau.

Photos from Lexington

Thanks to Jeff Riehl (photography) and Jason Teets (video) we have many new photos to share with you.  A few are part of this article and the rest you can find by clicking HERE.  Special thank you to Brandie Bracheau for Hair and MUA.  Video from our show will be available starting next week.

Null Paradox Live | Gertrude & Grace Photography by Jeff Reihl

Thank You Lexington!

We had a wonderful time performing our shows with you in Lexington, Michigan.  Thank you all for being a part of our live performance! For more photos click HERE. Cast Grace, Lead vocals~Robyn Christine Gertrude, Backing vocals~Rachel Matz The Bully~Eric Scott Baker Guitars~Chris Mick Keyboards~Eric Prater Drums~Dave Ziozios Bass~Tom Libertiny Crew Produced by Zoltan Entertainment Lighting…