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Gertrude & Grace Lauren Zoeller & Maddie Pfeiffer Photography~Tom Libertiny Costume~AJ Martina Key HUMA~Charlee HM Assistant hair and makeup~Tracy Noe, Adam Hynes, Ashley Roos

Storytime | Blood Sisters

Continuing from our last story about Victoria ghosting Seth, let’s start at the beginning:  Gertrude & Grace… Blood Sisters From the day that Gertrude and Grace met as little girls, they knew they’d be the best of friends.  And this was just days after Grace had moved to The Charm Ministry.  Really, Grace and her family…

Seth Seth~Darius M. Thompson Written & directed~Tom Libertiny Assistant Director~Betty Riggs Cinematography~Kathryn Williams and Daniel Frazer Scenic Design~Brian Dambacher Costume~AJ Martina Key HMUA~Brandie Brancheau HUMA assitant~Ashley Roos

Storytime | Infiltration

Continuing from yesterday’s story about Seth… Infiltration What better way to find out more about Gertrude and Grace than to infiltrate their world.  And with Seth thinking on many levels, he chooses to infiltrate on several levels at the same time. Understanding a lot about how the Mark I post box system works, he intercepts…

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Join us for an evening of fun! Null Pardox | Unplugged Interactive Steampunk Music Saturday, 2018 March 3 Doors 6:30pm Free Haute Is 31330 Northwestern Highway, Suite C Farmington Hills, Michigan Highlights Meet Gertrude, Grace, Victoria & The Bully from Null Paradox Live, unplugged performances by Null Paradox Music selections & ambiance by Royal-T Hors…