Null Paradox Live | Unplugged

Introducing Our Cast and Crew

A lot of work has been going on behind our collective curtain.  Complete re-writes of our script.  New music.  Publishing of our second book (happening later this year).  Inspired work on our live show.

So, let’s start with the amazing artists who are part of our live show.  During the next few weeks we’ll post interviews with them as we lead up to our March 8 unplugged show in Michigan.  Please welcome~

Gertrude~Lauren Zoeller
Grace~Maddie Pfeiffer
Victoria~Analise Rios
Seth~To be announced
The Bully~Eric Scott Baker
Grace’s Crazy Uncle~Jim Snideman
Annabelle~Aimee Funk
The Cranks~to be announced

To be announced

Director~Tom Libertiny
Assistant Director~Betty Riggs
Costume and Wardrobe~Andrew “AJ” Martina
Key HMUA~Charlee HM
Scenic Designer~Brian Dambacher
Lighting Designer~Brian Dambacher
Video Designer~Brian Dambacher
Illustrations~Ana Cruz

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