Null Paradox at Dark Horse Recording Studio. Dave Hagen, Heather Parrish, Lauren Zoeller, Larry Crowe, John "JR" Robinson.

Null Paradox | Dark Horse Studio | Gertrude | Video

Our first Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) video while recording our upcoming album Love or Destiny at Dark Horse Recording Studio.  This song features Lauren Zoeller (Gertrude) singing Tomorrow.

Making of the album Love or Destiny
Behind the Scenes at Dark Horse Recording Studio

Produced by John “JR” Robinson
Concept by Tom Libertiny based on the Book Gertrude & Grace by Tom Libertiny & Rachel Koontz

Vocals by Lauren Zoeller (Gertrude)
Vocals by Heather Parrish (Grace)
Guitars by Chris Mick
Guitars by Mark Baldwin
Drums by Dave Ziozios
Bass, keyboards, piano, and guitars by Tom Libertiny

Videography by Andrew Rozario
Video editing by Tom Libertiny

First Engineer~Dave Hagen at Dark Horse Recording Studio
Second Engineers~Jim Taylor and Ali K-Reza at Dark Horse Recording Studio
Engineer~Erik Maluchnik at Tempermill Studios
Drum Technician~Larry Crowe
Chart Maker~Boh Cooper

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