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Null Paradox Live

Null Paradox Live | Video

Here’s our first video from our recent show in Metro Detroit:  Gertrude and The Bully! Song~Tomorrow by Null Paradox Gertrude, co-lead vocals~Lauren Zoeller Grace, co-lead vocals~Evanne Whitten The Bully~Eric Scott Baker Seth~Sean Sheppard Grace’s Crazy Uncle~Jim Snideman The Cranks~Aimee Funk and Scott VanSice Lead Guitar~Chris Mick Drums~Dave Ziozios Bass, Keyboards, Guitars~Tom Libertiny Produced by~Tom Libertiny…

Null Paradox~Behind-the-scenes

Thank you Detroit!

Thank you Detroit, you were amazing!  Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos.  We’ll have video and more photos from our show posted the week of May 25.  Special thank you to everyone at the The Village Theater in Canton, Michigan.

Interview | WXYZ TV

CANTON TWP. Mich (WXYZ) – How would you like to decide the ending of a Rock Opera? Now’s your chance at a one-day-only event. Null Paradox is holding an Interactive Rock Opera Saturday May 16th, 8pm at the Village Theater in Canton. The group will perform “Gertrude and Grace,” based on the steampunk book of…

Behind-the-Scenes | Lighting | Video

What does Owen Pritchard-Smith, our lighting & video designer in London, have up his sleeve for our live show?  Check out our new YouTube video!  See us live on Saturday, May 16 at The Village Theater, Canton, Michigan. Lighting and video design by~Owen Pritchard-Smith, Spirit Design UK

Behind-the-Scenes | Actors & Musicians | Video

What does it look like when the members of Null Paradox get ready for a show?  Check out our new YouTube video!  See us live on Saturday, May 16 at The Village Theater, Canton, Michigan. Song~”Addiction” by Null Paradox from our upcoming album. “Gertrude”/co-lead vocals~Lauren Zoeller “Grace”/co-lead vocals~Evanne Whitten “The Bully”~Eric Scott Baker “Seth”~Sean Sheppard…

Introducing Grace’s Crazy Uncle

Grace’s Crazy Uncle?  Just about everyone in the Charm Ministry thinks he’s just that:  crazy.  Yet, he’s Grace’s favorite uncle.  Why?  Find out during our live show! Introducing Jim Snideman as Grace’s Crazy Uncle. Jim Snideman is a veteran of radio, stage, improvisation, interactive theatre and both sides of the large and small screens. He…

null paradox cranks

Introducing The Cranks

What are The Cranks?  Freedom fighters?  Terrorists?  It really depends on your perspective.  But don’t take our word for it, check out our live show and find out for yourself!  Because The Cranks will be there with you in the audience. What we can share with you is Who are The Cranks.  Introducing Aimee Funk…

Null Paradox Live | Tickets

Null Paradox Live  |  Interactive Rock Opera  |  Tickets Saturday, 2015 May 16 8:00PM U.S. Eastern time The Village Theater at Cherry Hill 50400 Cherry Hill Road Canton, Michigan (metro Detroit) For tickets online:  Click HERE Box office: (734) 394-5300 Monday through Friday 10:00AM – 2:00PM U.S. Eastern Time