Null Paradox G2

Null Paradox | Book Cover Photoshoot

At the end of our announcement that the second book’s title is Victoria & Seth (the working title is G2), we left a few hints about Ana Cruz’ illustrations for our book and our new process for creating illustrations.

The first step in creating the illustration that will become the cover of our book is a photoshoot in metro Detroit that includes the key characters:  Victoria and Seth.

Our core team remains the same as Tom Libertiny (photography), A.J. Martina (wardrobe), Brandie Brancheau (hair & MUA), and Robere Lett create the look for both characters.  Joining us will be Brittany Jackson (model/actress) playing the part of Victoria and Shaun (model) playing the part of Seth.

Following the photoshoot on 2016 September 26, a series of photographs will be sent to Ana Cruz in Portugal so she can create one of her magical illustrations for our book cover.

We can’t wait to show you Ana’s work and we’ll post a few out-takes from the photoshoot.


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