Null Paradox. Book 2: Victoria & Seth Written by Tom Libertiny

Null Paradox | Victoria & Seth

During the Readers Entertainment Radio Show yesterday, we revealed that the title of the second book, formerly known by its working title G2, is Victoria & Seth.  The book is more than halfway written.  It continues where Gertrude & Grace left off but also brings to the forefront the characters of Victoria and Seth–the closest of friends until one day, Victoria simply vanishes.

In Gertrude & Grace, we introduced the character of Seth.  Shy.  Preferred to stay in the background.  All the while Grace did everything she could to pull him into her world.

Null Paradox. Book 2: <em>Victoria & Seth</em> Written by Tom Libertiny

Null Paradox. Book 2: Victoria & Seth
Written by Tom Libertiny

Victoria is also in Gertrude & Grace.  While she plays a huge part in Gertrude’s daytime nightmare (hint:  carriage crash), she’s un-named because Gertrude has no idea who and what she is.

And since the book is more than halfway written, Ana Cruz and Tom Libertiny have started working on illustrations for Victoria & Seth.  The process is a little different this time.  Photographs for the book cover and chapter illustrations will be taken in Detroit starting at the end of September and then sent to Ana in Portugal where she’ll do her usual magic to turn them into her wonderful, dark, steampunk art.

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