Null Paradox | G2 Interactive Rock Opera

It’s been quiet.  Too quiet!  Or so it seems…  Behind the scenes a lot has been going on.  For our interactive rock opera events, we have new cast members, an updated script, a new director, an enhanced stage show and, of course, new avant-garde steampunk clothes.

We’ll be announcing our full live team as soon as we take photos of everyone during November.  Check out the Null Paradox Fans Facebook page on Wednesday, November 19 for an exclusive pre-announcement.

Who is and What is New?

We’ve been working with two new lead singer/actresses who’ll be performing the parts of Gertrude and Grace.  They’ll also be featured on our next CD which has the working title of G2.

We’re adding two new actors for the parts of Seth and Grace’s Crazy Uncle.  Check out our book Gertrude & Grace to learn about Seth and Grace’s Crazy Uncle.

The Null Paradox Cranks will be making their stage debut.

Our new script and show retains all of the things that you love about our original show, especially our audience participation where you decide the ending of our show with the help of The Bully .  We’ve added acting roles for Gertrude, Grace, Seth, and Grace’s Crazy Uncle.  New songs are being written.  And depending on the ending that you choose, Love or Destiny, you’ll see and hear entirely new acting parts and even more new Null Paradox songs.

To make all of this work, we have a new director.

Owen Pritchard-Smith and Tom Libertiny are designing an enhanced live show that includes upgraded lighting and new video.

Andrew Jerome Martina is designing custom avant-garde steampunk clothes for Gertrude and Grace.

Who is Returning?

The Bully:  Eric Scott Baker returns in an enhanced role.  For our audiences: expect even more interaction with The Bully!  Eric is also taking on the role of choreographer for our show and working with our new director.

Chris Mick on guitars.

Dave Ziozios on drums.

Tom Libertiny on bass and keyboards.

Owen Pritchard-Smith, lighting and video design, from Spirit Design UK.

Sam Walton and Scott Bozack, sound, from Precision Event Management.

Dave Lamarand, photography.

Jason Teets, video capture, from Ikonic Images.

Hair and MUA by Brandie Brancheau.

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