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One of the many things that we learned while recording our music album Gertrude & Grace at Real World Studios in England is what type of writing and recording process works well for us.  And how important vibe is to that process.

For G2 we’ve changed both how we write and how we prepare for recording.

The initiation of a song, from a lyrical perspective, continues to be based on what is happening to characters or a scene in a particular chapter of G2 the book.  This is identical to how we wrote Gertrude & Grace.

What has changed is that Tom Libertiny and Chris Mick have been working together to write some of the music.  We then record a scratch version of the song and send it to all of our musicians. Once we’ve had a little time to digest the song we all get together to record a demo version of our song in our new writing & recording studio.

The next step is always the most challenging and fun:  the marriage of lyrics, vocals, and music.  Lyrics that look good on paper and sound good sung aloud by the author may need anything from minor adjustments to major changes so that they sound and feel good while conveying the story told in G2 the book.  Changes to our lyrics can lead to changes to the structure of our songs, whole sections being re-written, or even songs being shelved because they’re not working for a variety of reasons.

Once we’ve finished all of the demo tracks for our G2 music album, they’re sent to our producer and he starts pre-production which essentially boils down to answering the question:  Does each song work from a lyrical and musical perspective?  This “Learning Circle” continues until we feel that we have the best possible songs for the album.

The result is that songs on G2 have a larger variety of styles told from a much more personal perspective.  Examples of new songs that we’re working on include Intoxicated and Goodbye Friend.

The story of how the final recording process works, what we focus on, and the vibe that we have to feel while doing all of this is a whole other story.  We were reminded of the importance of having a great vibe one recent night when Chris and Tom were writing music.   Taking a break, we screened “Funky Monks:  Red Hot Chili Peppers” which is the story of how and where they wrote and recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  Rick Rubin’s (producer) The Mansion played a key role in creating their vibe and the music on their album.

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