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Our instructor mentioned that this is not something that you want to achieve during TIG welding.  Thankfully I remembered that getting my eyes burned by the excruciatingly bright UV arc is not a good idea.

I’m relearning how to weld in part because I like to make stuff.  Also, because the limited run hardcopy of Gertrude and Grace will feature a steampunk inspired binder.  Why use traditional binding methods for this book?  We want this thing to last!

TechShop is a unique facility where you can take classes to learn how to make just about anything.  Book binders.  Upright basses.  Cars.  They have all of the tools and teachers required for just about anything you can imagine making.

And they have very nice conference rooms.  One of which I needed for the Detroit Null Paradox retreat.  Rachel K, Rachel M, Dave, Chris, Eric and I spent the afternoon examining the results from Indianapolis.  Talking about what went right at the last Null Paradox live show and the things that we need to improve for the next live show.

Put a group of people together who all think with both halves of their brains and magic was bound to happen.  No one was disappointed with the outcome.  Ideas that looked good on paper were trashed based on hard experience.  In their place, new ideas were developed.

You’ll see many of the ideas from Indianapolis and Detroit during the next six months, starting with a new website.  Some of the other ideas, like the first book, you’ll need to discover on your own…

Now on to Europe.

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