September 11 Photography by Tom Libertiny

Indianapolis on September 11

Here it is, eleven years after the day when thousands of people were murdered in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New York.  Rachel, Christy, Erik and I spent the final morning of our retreat talking about future plans for Null Paradox.

September 11 Photography by Tom Libertiny

September 11
Photography by Tom Libertiny

This part of our extended family is an unlikely group of people, all introduced through the interwebs, and finally meeting face-to-face for the first time.  Everyone’s unique creativity is coming to bear on planning for the next six months and years into the future.

Philosophy, ad hoc art, numbers, steak, vegetables, candy bars, homemade food, right- and left-brains all converge on Indianapolis.  Laughter from outrageous humor keeps us together.

Agree.  Dissent.  Repeat.  And then a path forward.

Outside, it’s warm and the sky is clear blue, just as it was eleven years ago today.  Our flag stirs in a gentle breeze–the now ubiquitous and useless all-seeing video eye attached to its pole.  A towering stone monument from 1889 commemorates veterans of five wars.  While far overhead, a turbofan airplane silently cruises between the two bookends.

A reminder of the past and a step toward the future.

Photo by T. Libertiny

Tom Libertiny

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