Introduction to an Editor

Originally I envisioned the Null Paradox project as a single book of fiction.  Then I added the music and live show components to the project as additional ways of having a real conversation with people who have read the book.  Music and the live show give readers the opportunity to learn more about the philosophy, storyline and characters in the book.

Rachel Koontz

Rachel Koontz

As I continue to write revisions to the original book, it’s becoming obvious that I’ve bitten off far too much for my first fiction book.  A friend suggests breaking the book into three parts so that it’s more manageable.  This turns out to be a wonderful suggestion and helps me to continue writing.  The project will be a trilogy of books and music albums.

The previous description is now somewhat ancient history, having occurred years ago.  Yes, I’m taking my time writing this book!

I’ve asked friends in the literature world to help me to find a fiction editor.  I’ve been fortunate to know several excellent editors, but they’re primarily involved with research and non-fiction books.  A friend of mine in Chicago knows that I’m in search of a good editor and has stumbled across an editor/writer based in Chicago.  She sent me an article that was written by the editor/writer in a local newspaper.  I’m impressed and start a conversation through E-mail.

On 2010 October 29, Rachel Koontz and I have our first teleconference.

As usual, the conversion from written conversation to a verbal one is awkward.  But we get through the awkwardness fairly quickly and settle into a hybrid e-mail/phone method of editing.

Tom Libertiny

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