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In our book Gertrude & Grace, we introduced the Post Box system.  Although it appears to function as a normal post box system, it does so much more.  To the point that The Ministry goes out of its way to hide its secrets, particularly about the Mark I series.  In Victoria & Seth, our next book, more of the system and its capabilities will be revealed.  And, we learn that there’s a few more people who have access to its special properties.

But the fundamental physics behind the Post Box system is not science fiction.   Today we’re not able to recreate everything that the Post Box system can do, but it is based on the fundamentals of Max Planck’s work as the founder of quantum mechanics (physics).

The history of quantum mechanics and later its relationship (or apparent lack of relationship) to relativity, lead a number of scientists in the 1920’s to form interpretations of quantum mechanics.  The most widely held one is the Copenhagen interpretation developed by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.  But there are several other interpretations that address significant issues with Bohr and Heisenberg’s work.  For example:  the De Broglie–Bohm theory.

And that brings us to today.  As work continues on our book Victoria & Seth, we’ve had Twitter-based conversations with physicist Thad Roberts about quantum mechanics and his book, Einstein’s Intuition–Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions, which supports the Bohm viewpoint.

For all of our Null Paradox Cranks and physics geeks, you’re invited to participate in our conversation:  It makes physics a lot of fun and you’ll learn about our next book, Victoria & Seth.


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