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Our ongoing collaboration with Ana Cruz:  in this illustration, Dave, Chris, Lauren, Evanne, and Tom recreate a scene from the Glass Desert chapter of our book Gertrude & Grace.

Null Paradox Live 2015<br /> Concept by Tom Libertiny<br /> Illustration by Ana Cruz<br /> Photo by Dave Lamarand<br /> Hair and MUA by Brandie Brancheau<br /> Wardrobe by Andrew Martina

Null Paradox Live 2015
Concept by Tom Libertiny
Illustration by Ana Cruz
Photo by Dave Lamarand
Hair and MUA by Brandie Brancheau
Wardrobe by Andrew Martina

Gertrude/co-lead vocals~Lauren Zoeller
Grace/co-lead vocals~Evanne Whitten
Lead guitars~Chris Mick
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass & Keyboards~Tom Libertiny
Illustration by Ana Cruz
Photo by Dave Lamarand
Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe by Andrew Jerome Martina
Hair & Make-up Artist by Brandie Brancheau assisted by Ashley Roos
Jewelry by Andrew Jerome Martina and Null Paradox

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