Null Paradox | G2 Clues

After we finished writing and publishing our book and music album Gertrude & Grace we vowed that we would write our next book first and then write the lyrics and music for our next music album after the book was completed.  A funny thing happened along the way:  it was always our intent to combine the story in our books with music and our live show.  But now they are so intertwined that writing each piece in a serial manner is impossible.

A chapter in our book inspires a song.  A song inspires a chapter in our book.  Upcoming changes to our live show inspire writing for both our book and songs and vice versa.

While it’s complicated from a coordination perspective, it does make writing a lot more interesting.

The “what ifs” that we’re exploring continue to be a lot of fun and have led to many options in the story told in G2.  For example:  a long string of text messages between Tom Libertiny & Rachel Koontz about a “what if” question led to Seth playing a much larger role in G2.  You remember Seth from Gertrude & Grace don’t you? 😉  Beware of the quiet ones…  🙂

So, what is G2?  It’s the code name for our next book, album, and live shows.

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Oh, and what if The Bully actually is…  we’ll leave that one un-answered for now but his real role will be explored within our letter writing through our e-mail list, which should help when you see his re-appearance in G2 and learn about his true nature.

Yes, Gertrude and Grace are both critical parts of G2.  But how?  Especially Grace.  How can she possibly be part of G2?  Apple and Adel know.

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