Null Paradox Live | Gertrude & Grace. Photos by Dave Lamarand. Hair and makeup by Sara Landis. Wardrobe consulting by Hieu Hart.

Null Paradox Live | I May Be Over You | Video

The live video for our song I May Be Over You from our 2014 February 11 event Gertrude & Grace Live at the Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, Michigan.

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Gertrude & Grace Live
Grace, Lead vocals~Robyn Christine
Gertrude, Backing vocals~Rachel Matz
The Bully~Eric Scott Baker
Lead guitar~Chris Mick
Keyboards~Eric Prater
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass~Tom Libertiny

Produced by Zoltan Entertainment
Lighting and set design by Spirit Design UK
Illustrations by Ana Cruz and Spirit Design UK
Sound by Signature Professional Group
Video by Ikonic Images
Photos by Dave Lamarand
Hair and makeup by Sara Landis
Wardrobe consulting by Hieu Hart
Recorded live at the Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, Michigan, 2014 February 11


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