Duality vs. Reality

People can be so consumed with determining, specifically, what you are.  Right-hand, left-hand.  Right-brained, left-brained.  Red state, blue state.  The list is endless as are the people who like making lists.  We’re living in at least a quad universe.   I don’t see how bosons or god lose any sleep over such a trivial issue.

Right now, I’m in my usual uncomfortable position of doing three things at the same time.  The discomfort comes not from trying to do all at the same time, but from taking another step toward moving in a direction.

The book looks like it will be done first.  Musical next.  Completion of the music last.  There’s my list.

We’ll see.  The order of things changes daily–the benefit and curse of being ambidextrous.  Or maybe it’s just analysis paralysis.

Tom Libertiny

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