Null Paradox Grace's Crazy Uncle

Introducing Grace’s Crazy Uncle

Grace’s Crazy Uncle?  Just about everyone in the Charm Ministry thinks he’s just that:  crazy.  Yet, he’s Grace’s favorite uncle.  Why?  Find out during our live show!

Introducing Jim Snideman as Grace’s Crazy Uncle.

Jim Snideman as Grace's Crazy Uncle.

Jim Snideman as Grace’s Crazy Uncle.

Jim Snideman is a veteran of radio, stage, improvisation, interactive theatre and both sides of the large and small screens. He has entertained at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. He has worked as Art Director, Prop Master/Fabricator and Set Dresser for productions such as “InZer0” and “The Wars of Other Men”. He is also the creative force behind a “total immersion” amusement park attraction. Now, Jim is bringing his many talents to Null Paradox, beginning with the role of “Grace’s Crazy Uncle”.

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