Null Paradox G2 interactive rock opera

Null Paradox: G2 Photoshoot

On Sunday, 2014 November 23, we’ll be in the studio taking photos for G2,  our upcoming music album and live interactive rock opera shows.

Join us as we post behind-the-scenes photos live from our Null Paradox Instragram.

“Gertrude”/Co-Lead Vocals:  Lauren
“Grace”/Co-Lead Vocals:  Evanne
“The Bully:”  Eric
Guitars:  Chris
Drums:  Dave
Bass & Keyboards:  Tom

We’re joined by

Photographer:  Dave Lamarand
Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe:  AJ Martina
Hair & Make-up Artist:  Brandie Brancheau

 We’ll be making an official announcement welcoming Lauren & Evanne, plus two actors, The Cranks, and our director soon.


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