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(left to right) Annabelle~Caroline Davis, The Lead Crank~Jo Cleary, The Bully~Zach Ferrin Concept & photography~Tom Libertiny Costume~AJ Martina Key HMUA~Charlee HM Assistant hair and makeup~Tracy Noe, Lexi Barrow, Michelle Stojkovski

Null Paradox | Photoshoot | Video

Here’s our Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) video of our recent photoshoot in Detroit with the characters of Annabelle, The Bully, and The Lead Crank! For our latest information before we announce it publicly, you’re invited to join our E-mail List by clicking HERE. Behind-the-Scenes of Null Paradox~Photoshoot Annabelle~Caroline Davis The Bully~Zach Ferrin The Lead Crank~Jo Cleary Concept…

Images for Pinterest

For our friends on Pinterest:  we’ve created a new image and photo gallery that is Pinterest friendly.  Click HERE for our new gallery and pin away!  To follow Null Paradox on Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/nullparadox

Audience Insight Null Paradox Gertrude & Grace

Your Insight

Here’s a sample of what you shared with us during our February 11 book and CD release event at the Magic Bag Theater. Join us on Pinterest and Facebook to read your own words, share our pins, and add more! For behind-the-scenes photographs of our event, click HERE. Did you choose: Love (Orange) or Destiny…

Orange or Purple Audience: Null Paradox

Valentine’s Day | Love or Destiny

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s what you told us with your thoughtful words and creative pictures during our February 11 book and CD release event at the Magic Bag Theater.  Join us on Pinterest and read your own words, share our pins, and add more! Did you choose:  Love (Orange) or Destiny (Purple)?  

Real World Studios | Photos, Video, Blog

Beginning on November 1, we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos, video, and our live blog as we begin recording and producing our CD Gertrude & Grace at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England. Tim Oliver will be mastering and Patrick Phillips will be engineering our CD.  Individually and collectively, they’ve worked on recording film scores…