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Null Paradox | Addiction (counterclockwise) Jill Billingsley (Grace), Lauren Zoeller (Gertrude), Aimee Funk (Crank 1), Leron Stafford (Seth), Brent Petrichor Gensheimer (Crank 2), Valerie Frawley (Sound Engineer) Photography by Tom Libertiny

Short Film | Addiction | Behind-the-Scenes

Addiction | “…compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences…”  It’s one of the underlying themes of the relationship between the characters of Gertrude & Grace in the books, music, and live show from our Null Paradox interactive rock opera. While Gertrude is addicted to Grace’s extroverted, bigger-than-life persona, Grace is also addicted to Gertrude…