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Null Paradox

Null Paradox | Finding Grace

We’re doing preliminary work in preparation for the 2018 Null Paradox tour, our interactive rock opera.  Set in the world of Steampunk, our show is about two blood sisters, Gertrude and Grace, and their struggle to decide between pursuing their destiny or the love of their life. During our show, our audience becomes the show and our singers and actors…

Null Paradox

Interview with Lauren

Lauren Zoeller is on a mission to bring music and dance to the world. As she was preparing for her first photoshoot with Null Paradox in 2015, we caught up with her to chat about singing, acting, songwriting and what she envisions for “Gertrude.” Question~Let’s start with the most important question! What is Baptiste Yoga…

Null Paradox

Script Update for Interactive Steampunk Rock Opera

Script Revision 4a.  Seems innocuous sounding.  But within the 6,000 words are major changes that tie our updated story into the new stage/scenic design announcement from last week.  These changes include new clarity about what Gertrude did that only she and The Bully know about–it’s driving him crazy and he’ll share with you why during our next tour…