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Null Paradox

Null Paradox | Finding Grace

We’re doing preliminary work in preparation for the 2018 Null Paradox tour, our interactive rock opera.  Set in the world of Steampunk, our show is about two blood sisters, Gertrude and Grace, and their struggle to decide between pursuing their destiny or the love of their life. During our show, our audience becomes the show and our singers and actors…

Null Paradox G2 interactive rock opera

Null Paradox: G2 Book Writing

Technology is a wonderful thing.  Between Email, texting, the Null Paradox Community, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, authors T. Libertiny and R. Koontz have been writing our next book:  G2.  But sometimes, there’s nothing like sitting down, face-to-face and talking about the multiple stories that are being told in G2 as well as the details. What…