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Null Paradox Love or Destiny I May Be Over You

Love or Destiny | I May Be Over You

You know that feeling when you’ve had enough of someone?  This is the story behind our song I May Be Over You, written by Tom Libertiny and Robyn Christine. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England.  Patrick Phillips, our engineer, was busy mixing and tweaking one of…

Null Paradox


The 3rd photo/illustration from our ongoing collaboration with Ana Cruz.  In this illustration:  Lauren, Eric, and Evanne (Gertrude, The Bully, and Grace) recreate a scene from The Ministry chapter of our book Gertrude & Grace. Gertrude performed by Lauren Zoeller The Bully performed by Eric Scott Baker Grace performed by Evanne Whitten Illustration by Ana Cruz Photo by Dave Lamarand Fashion…

Null Paradox G2 interactive rock opera

Null Paradox: G2 Book Writing

Technology is a wonderful thing.  Between Email, texting, the Null Paradox Community, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, authors T. Libertiny and R. Koontz have been writing our next book:  G2.  But sometimes, there’s nothing like sitting down, face-to-face and talking about the multiple stories that are being told in G2 as well as the details. What…