“Interactive Rock Opera.  Audience to decide ending of Null Paradox’s performance.”  –USA Today

Evanescence meets Cirque du Soleil: part circus and part rock opera.  Steampunk actors and musicians bring the unique story of “Gertrude & Grace” to life.  And you, the audience play an interactive role in the show, including helping us to decide how our show will end! Blood Sisters; one with a damaged soul and the other who contains the light of life, face the ultimate question. Gertrude and Grace must make a choice: will they choose Love or their Destiny? Their lives depend on their decision and so does their world’s.


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Null Paradox



Gertrude~Lauren Zoeller
Grace~to be announced
The Bully~Eric Scott Baker
Victoria~to be announced
Seth~Darius M. Thompson
Grace’s Crazy Uncle~Jim Snideman
Annabelle~to be announced
The Cranks~to be announced
Lead Guitars~to be announced
Rhythm Guitars~to be announced
Keyboards~to be announced
Keyboards~to be announced
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass~to be announced

Produced by~Zoltan Entertainment
Directed by~Tom Libertiny
Assistant Director~Betty Riggs
Script by~Tom Libertiny based on the books Gertrude & Grace and Victoria & Seth
Business Manager~to be announced
Visual Art Director~to be announced
Music Director~Alex Wright
Stage Manager~to be announced
Costume~Andrew Martina
Hair and makeup by~to be announced
Scenic Designer~to be announced
Lighting Designer~to be announced
Video Designer~to be announced
Illustrations~Ana Cruz
Sound by~Precision Event Management

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