Null Paradox Gertrude & Grace.

Null Paradox Live | Script 6

Ninety-two pages.  Every line scrutinized.  With minor tweaks, major revisions, wholesale discarding, and completely new scenes added.  That’s where Revision 6 of our live performance script stands today.  And now we’re ready to look at the big picture of Gertrude and Grace’s story.  Revision 7 is on the horizon.

What’s changed?

Null Paradox script
by Tom Libertiny
Edited by Kathryn Williams

For one thing:  the addition of scenic design to our live show.  In the past we’ve had to rely on telling Gertrude and Graces’s backstory.  Now, with the addition of major scenery to our performances, coupled with updates to our lighting design, we’re able to show their backstory.  As actors/actresses say: once you put on the costume, you take a big step toward becoming the character.  Thanks to AJ Martina, we’ve had his wonderful costume designs for our last tour.  Now, we’ve adding another dimension.  Literally.  The 3D creation of Gertrude and Grace’s world for our actors/actresses to live in and for you to immerse yourself in.

We also wanted to take our interaction with you to another level.  Also, there were some things that we could have shown better during our interactive performances of the past.  Plus, we’ve changed our show so you walk away with the feeling that you better understand yourself through Gertrude, Grace, The Bully, Seth, The Cranks, and Grace’s Crazy Uncle.  And a few new characters.

And we’ve added a major twist to our endings.  Yes, you still decide on how our show ends.  But, there’s a major twist that’s always been part of our book, that we’ve added to our live show.

All of these things have been addressed in Revision 6 while retaining the feeling of what did I just see.

So now we’re ready to look at the big picture of our show.  More about Revision 7 and all the people who will be part of our 2018 tour soon!


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