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Love or Destiny | I May Be Over You

You know that feeling when you’ve had enough of someone?  This is the story behind our song I May Be Over Youwritten by Tom Libertiny and Robyn Christine.

Null Paradox at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, England.

The Big Room
Null Paradox at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, England.
Photograph by Tom Libertiny

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England.  Patrick Phillips, our engineer, was busy mixing and tweaking one of our songs in The Big Room for our Gertrude & Grace album.  We needed a break and Patrick suggested that we check out The Wood Room which is a studio adjacent to The Big Room.

Null Paradox at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, England.

Robyn Christine & Patrick Phillips in The Big Room
Null Paradox at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, England.
Photograph by Tom Libertiny

The Wood Room is part of the original mill structure that Peter Gabriel converted into the recording studio complex he later named Real World Studios.  As you’d imagine, this particular studio is made of…wood.  Floors, beams, you name it.  The acoustics were amazing and it contained a beautiful German grand piano.  After sitting down at the piano and playing for a while, it dawned on us:  this was the perfect opportunity to write a new song.

Right away, the magic was there.

We talked about the relationship between the characters of Gertrude & Grace as well as our past personal relationships. The idea of how Grace might feel about Gertrude after their friendship started to fail seemed like a good starting point.  This lead to a very intense discussion about how some of our personal relationships have ended in the past; particularly one that involved Robyn.

Drowning in memories
Doesn’t feel right to me
I’m done with you being late
It’s my turn to take the stage
I may be over you

Null Paradox Gertrude and Grace

Gertrude & Grace
Illustration by Ana Cruz

Grace is absolutely done with being jerked around by Gertrude as she communicates in I May Be Over You.  And so was Robyn in her relationship.  But there’s that little bit of hesitancy that we’ve all felt when we’re ending a relationship into which we’ve invested so much of ourselves.  I may be over you.  Relief with a smattering of queasiness.

After we’d written the song, the obvious next step was to play it live.  That’s when we found the power in the song.  Singing “I may be over you” became an anthem.  It was a relief to say the words out loud.  Everything seemed much more real.

Interestingly, our song was used during one particular live performance to not only communicate that very premise to Gertrude, within the structure of our interactive rock opera, but also to the very person who had been a part of Robyn’s life.

Imagine what Gertrude would say to Grace’s sentiment?  Had it been early in the story:  maybe not much.  Recoiling from Grace comes to mind.  But later in their adventure, as Gertrude grows, she has a few things on her mind too.  Our song Tomorrow tells part of Gertrude’s response.  Both of these songs are on our new album Love or Destiny.

Which brings us to Dark Horse Studios and the making of our new album Love or Destiny.

Dark Horse Studios

Dark Horse Studios
Null Paradox at Robin Crow’s Dark Horse Studios, Tennessee.
Photograph by Tom Libertiny

The Lodge studio at Dark Horse has a similar vibe to Real World.  Partly because the architecture and materials used in The Lodge (wood) are cousins to The Wood Room at Real World.  But mostly because the people at both studios share the same artistic and work ethic.  None of this is surprising since Robin Crow, the founder and architect of Dark Horse, said that Real World was one of his inspirations.

Null Paradox at Dark Horse Studios

Dave Hagen, Heather Parrish, Lauren Zoeller, Larry Crowe, John “JR” Robinson
Null Paradox at Robin Crow’s Dark Horse Studios, Tennessee.
Photograph by Tom Libertiny.

Then there’s Heather Parrish (Grace) and Lauren Zoeller (Gertrude).  Really can’t say enough great things about how amazing they sound together.  Heather has that wonderful gravelly rocker voice that brings out the wounds that Grace is nursing.

Drowning in memories
Doesn’t feel right to me

In the chorus, Lauren jumps in with Heather.

I may be over you

Who is over whom?  Is Grace over Gertrude?  Is Gertrude over Grace?  Our live show and book Gertrude & Grace fills out the story.

As our song progresses, the level of Grace’s anger becomes apparent, particularly when Heather belts out True, I’m not that good for you.

But wait: is that a reconciliation between Gertrude and Grace during the break?  I should be guilty right now.  With the music dropping away Heather and Lauren’s harmonies truly shine through.

The power and subtleness of our musician’s performances was delicious.  Chris Mick’s rocking guitars.  Mark Baldwin adding that Stones guitar feel.  Tom Libertiny punching in on guitars to accentuate Chris’ perspective.  The tasty keyboard surprises by John “JR” Robinson (producer) and Tom.  And this entire relationship trainwreck moved along by Dave Ziozios’ thundering drums and Tom’s bass.

The special sauce from Steve Sykes (mixer) and Sangwook “Sunny” Nam (mastering) added the extra flavor our song needed.

Last, there’s the message at the end with which Grace bludgeons Gertrude.  Happy Valentine’s Day indeed…

You’re invited to sing along to I May Be Over You in our lyrics video (Explicit Lyrics)

Co-Lead vocals (Gertrude)~Lauren Zoeller
Co-Lead vocals (Grace)~Heather Parrish
Guitars~Chris Mick
Guitars~Mark Baldwin
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Synths & percussion~John “JR” Robinson
Bass, piano, synths, guitars~Tom Libertiny

Produced by John “JR” Robinson
Concept by Tom Libertiny
Mixed by Steve Sykes
Mastered by Sangwook “Sunny” Nam
First Engineer~Dave Hagen, Dark Horse Recording
Second Engineers~Jim Taylor and Ali K-reza, Dark Horse Recording
Engineer for Chris Mick’s guitars and Tom Libertiny’s piano and keyboards~Erik Maluchnik, Tempermill Studio
Drum Technician~Larry Crowe
Charts~Boh Cooper
Illustrations and CD layout by Ana Cruz

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