Dave Ziozios

Interview with Dave Ziozios

Dave Ziozios.  Drummer & friend.  Null Paradox’ drummer visually, aurally, and in his own words.

Video~Dave Ziozios~Behind-the-scenes and Live in Concert.  Scroll down for Dave’s interview.


Question~When did you know you wanted to play drums?


I’ve wanted to play drums my whole life. I started out sitting on my grandmother’s floor literally banging on metal coffee cans. She always had a great assortment of Hills Bros, Maxwell House, and Folgers, and then I’d get some big serving spoons and go to town. At my parents house, it was pots and pans, but I preferred coffee cans because I liked the sound of the plastic lids.

Dave Ziozios

Dave Ziozios

Question~Who are your biggest music influences?


Maybe this is weird as a drummer, but I’m going with John Coltrane and Miles Davis. When I listen to Crescent or Kind Of Blue on really great speakers, it’s like magic, like I’m hearing it all for the first time again. I’m also a fan of Sting and Paul Simon, but that’s really a totally different thing.

Question~What was the biggest event that you’ve performed at to date?


I’ve played numerous times at what used to be called the Downtown Hoedown (Detroit), which was a huge country music festival. But as far as a single stage thing with a big crowd, I played an outdoor festival opening up for some national touring acts. It was a great show, the singer and band just crushed it, with the whole crowd up on the front gates and just going crazy. Everybody was just getting it, and the sound guys had it really dialed in.

Question~Which character in the Null Paradox live show do you most identify with?


I don’t know that I identify with him, but the Bully just creeps me out. Still. And I know Eric Scott Baker personally. He’s the nicest guy, but when he’s in character…man, it’s pretty scary.

Question~The overarching story of Null Paradox is about choice. What challenging decision have you made and why?


I think we all go through phases in our lives when certain ideals or objectives take priority. Sometimes we have to be pragmatic. Staying at a job or in a relationship too long because the timing is bad. Or because we’re stuck. The amazing thing about life, though, is that it has a way of hitting you upside the head with a mallet to get you unstuck. Or maybe that’s just me. I apparently don’t take mild cosmic hints. I require a full-on bell ringing.

For me personally, one of the most challenging decisions I made was getting divorced. It was a decision years in the making, and it was definitely one of those times in life where I was stuck, until the universe decided I needed my bell rung. I have no regrets, either about being married or about my decision. If it hadn’t been for those experiences, I would not be where I am today, and I am both extremely happy and grateful where I’m at.

Question~What’s your favorite live musical or play performance?


Wow. That’s tough to choose. I saw Elvin Jones play once, and that was amazing. In fact, it was an all-around unbelievable weekend. I played the same festival the day before, and Elvin was headlining the next night and actually got to hang out with him after for a bit. It was a real highlight.

Question~What is your favorite quote of life?


Not so much a quote, but a concept: All of this is temporary. We don’t know how many days we have here, so I believe that we should follow our hearts, our passions, and our dreams. Take chances. Embrace life. Forgive. Love.



Making of the album Love or Destiny
Song~I May Be Over You
Behind the Scenes at Dark Horse Recording Studio

Produced by John “JR” Robinson
Concept by Tom Libertiny

Vocals by Lauren Zoeller (Gertrude)
Vocals by Heather Parrish (Grace)
Guitars by Chris Mick
Guitars by Mark Baldwin
Drums by Dave Ziozios
Bass, keyboards, piano, and guitars by Tom Libertiny

Videography by Andrew Rozario, Jason Teets, Tom Libertiny
Edited by Tom Libertiny

First Engineer~Dave Hagen at Dark Horse Recording Studio
Second Engineers~Jim Taylor and Ali K-Reza at Dark Horse Recording Studio
Engineer~Erik Maluchnik at Tempermill Studios
Drum Technician~Larry Crowe
Chart Maker~Boh Cooper

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