Null Paradox

Script Update for Interactive Steampunk Rock Opera

Script Revision 4a.  Seems innocuous sounding.  But within the 6,000 words are major changes that tie our updated story into the new stage/scenic design announcement from last week.  These changes include new clarity about what Gertrude did that only she and The Bully

Null Paradox

Null Paradox look book for Script Revision 4a by Tom Libertiny. Illustration by Ana Cruz.

know about–it’s driving him crazy and he’ll share with you why during our next tour (or you’re invited to learn about it today in our first book).

For everyone who has been part of our shows, you know that it’s your vote that decides how our live show will end.  But, one of the endings has been changed.  And the change is a clue into what we’ll be sharing with you in our 2nd AND 3rd books.

There’s also musical and plot changes that make the Ord Festival, well, Ordier.

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