Null Paradox G2

Video~Null Paradox Live~Seth’s Party

A scene from Seth’s Party from our recent show in Metro Detroit.

Song~”The Cell” by Null Paradox

Gertrude, co-lead vocals~Lauren Zoeller
Grace, co-lead vocals~Evanne Whitten
The Bully~Eric Scott Baker
Seth~Sean Sheppard
Grace’s Crazy Uncle~Jim Snideman
The Cranks~Aimee Funk and Scott VanSice
Lead Guitar~Chris Mick
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass, Keyboards, Guitars~T. Libertiny

Produced by~T.  Libertiny
Directed by~Terie Spencer
Managed by~Stacey Swisher Harnetty
Script by~T. Libertiny based on the books Gertrude & Grace and  G2 by T. Libertiny and R. Koontz
Lighting and set design by~Spirit Design UK, T. Libertiny, and Chris Mick
Illustrations by~Ana Cruz and Spirit Design UK
Sound by~Precision Event Management
Video capture~Ikonic Images
Video editing by~T. Libertiny
Photography by~Dave Lamarand, Jeff Riehl, Rob Harbaugh
Wardrobe by~Andrew Jerome Martina
Hair and makeup by~Brandie Brancheau and Ashley Roos



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