Null Paradox G2 Seth

Introducing Seth

In Gertrude & Grace, our first book, Seth kept mostly to himself.  Yes Grace is interested in Seth.  And through Grace, Seth became interested in Gertrude.  But to what extent is he interested and why?  It turns out that there’s a lot more to Seth than we thought.  What is he doing?  Find out during our live show!

Introducing Sean Shepard as Seth.

Sean Sheppard as Seth, Null Paradox

Sean Sheppard as Seth

Sean Shepard is a rising actor out of metro Detroit. He has been recognized and awarded for his achievements in high school radio and currently studies film and cinema at Grand Valley State University. Sean has appeared in many student films and shorts including “Post Secondary” and the 2014 Motor City Nightmares award-winning “Project SAAM.” He has also written and directed “The Perfect Cup” and “Tremor.” Now Sean is ready to bring his unique background in film and theater into the world of Null Paradox!

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