Evanne at Nitrosonic Studio recording Null Paradox vocals

G2 Music Pre-production

We’ve started pre-production for our next CD which has the working title of “G2.”  What does that mean?  We’ve written all of the songs and now we’re working on the flow of lyrics, melodies, and arrangements.  This week we were in Nitrosonic Studio with Evanne where we tracked her vocals for the character of “Grace.”  We also worked on arrangements for the songs she’ll be singing from Gertrude & Grace for our live shows.

Evanne at Nitrosonic Studio recording Null Paradox vocals

Evanne at Nitrosonic Studios recording Null Paradox vocals

It would take serious effort to not have fun recording at Nitrosonic.  When you add to the mix Marshall Bastin as our engineer, Steven Curtiss assisting Marshall, and the wonderful support by studio owner Ron Manley, there was no choice but to have fun.

And then we went over-the-top.  And by “over-the-top” we mean:  Ron introduced us to our wonderful new

Steven, Evanne, Heather, Marshall, and Tom at Nitrosonic Studios recording Null Paradox vocals

Steven, Evanne, Heather, Marshall, and Tom at Nitrosonic Studios recording Null Paradox vocals

friend Heather Parrish.  Heather is a force to be reckoned with on so many levels it’s hard to describe her.  Here’s a starting point:  she must be the love child of Bette Midler and Steven Tyler. Just having her in the control room made all the difference in the world. But, she does so much more.

During our recording adventure, Evanne once again proved that she can belt out any super-high soprano notes–we apologize for blowing up the tweeters in the studio monitors.    She also has a unique way of singing that’s Amy Lee meets Dido.  We can’t wait to reveal her performance during our May 16 show in metro-Detroit!

We also learned that Marshall is amazing:  as a person, artist, and engineer.  We’re fortunate to have met him and his secret elixir:  Teddy Tea.  We’re looking forward to continuing our recording with him.  Check out his work with 3 Doors Down.  We’re fans of the band and of Marshall.

That's one chilly bird

That’s one chilly bird

Steven is the quiet one.  As we all know, it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch out for.  Late one night we were talking about our overall project in the studio’s control room while a ridiculous amount of snow was falling from the sky outside.  There it was:  the quiet one voiced a unique perspective to a question.  A viewpoint we wouldn’t have considered had he not been part of our fun in Kentucky.

And then there’s Ron.  You can literally here the gears turning in his head.  Constantly.  All of these great people we met thanks to Ron. We could go on and on about Ron and Nitrosonic.  And we have HERE.

It’s remarkable to think that our recording adventure started with a simple text:  “Hey Evanne, do you know of a good studio in Lexington, Kentucky?” Then again, Evanne is a remarkable person.

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