Null Paradox G2

Null Paradox: G2 Website Upgrade

We’re getting ready to make several major announcements during October about our book, music, and live events so we thought it would be a good time to upgrade our website.  We’ll also be sharing who will be working on our book, music, and live shows.

While our website looks familiar, we’ve reorganized our menus and have worked a lot on the content of our Null Paradox Community.  Our community is where we’ll be sharing many new ideas from our upcoming book, music, and live shows.  And our Forum within our community is where our artists are holding conversations about all topics.  As these ideas mature, they’ll receive their own page within our overall community.


We’ve posted draft dialog from G2, our upcoming book and CD, in our Forum.  The first conversation is between Seth and Victoria.

We’ve also posted “Evolution of Null Paradox in 18 Months” a new video in our Community in the “Unpublished Video” section.

Our community is the only place where we’ll be sharing this level of detail and interactivity with our artists.

You’re invited to join in on the fun by joining our Null Paradox Community for free today!



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