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Null Paradox: G2 Authors, Illustrator & Editor

We’re excited to announce that authors T. Libertiny and R. Koontz are again working with illustrator Ana Cruz on our next book:  G2.  T & R are in the midst of writing G2 and Ana will be translating their ideas into amazing illustrations for both the book and CD.  All the while, Carol Stein joins us again as editor making sure that our “Chicago Style” is very Chicago.

Speaking of our next CD:  We’ll be making an announcement about our music team during October through the Null Paradox Fan Page.  Thank you to Kimberly and Raven for creating their fan page and for all of their support!


About the Authors and Illustrator

Co-authors T. Libertiny & R. Koontz

T. Libertiny

T. Libertiny
Photo by Dave Lamarand


T. Libertiny is a beach bum.  As you may suspect, you can usually find him on a beach somewhere in the world.  T grew up on a beach, prefers holding business meetings on a beach, vacations on the beach, plans to live on a beach and likes long walks on the beach.  He has an engineering degree, loves the combination of science and art and has a sense of humor that’s as dry as sand.  Which brings us full circle back to the beach.



R. Koontz.  Photo by Laura Tuttle.

R. Koontz. Photo by Laura Tuttle.


R. Koontz is a writer from California. She studied creative writing at Northwestern University. On the quiet days, she enjoys embracing her inner Gertrude and doing things like reading, writing poetry, and running. On the Grace days, you can find her hula hooping, getting new tattoos, blogging about yoga, and enjoying time with friends.




Illustrator Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz. Photo by Joana Vasconcelos Borges. Assisted by Marta Carvalho.

Ana Cruz. Photo by Joana Vasconcelos Borges. Assisted by Marta Carvalho.


Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal.  Her special taste for the dark, gothic and dramatic aesthetics of art soon made this hobbyist turn her professional life completely into the world of art.  Starting as a self-taught artist in 2005, she went on to earn a degree in Graphic Design and Arts in order to enlarge her knowledge and areas of expertise and also, to refine her taste and artistic skills for the dark arts she’s so passionate about.  Ana’s biggest inspirations are her own secret realms, her deepest emotions and feelings.

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